Mediterranean And Bosnian Cuisine

made of local ingredients


Mediterana delicata

It doesn't get any more Mostar feeling than this!


The downtown neighborhood in which the restaurant is located,near the Bunur bridge and Fejica pedestrian street is hystorical site  called Roznamedzi  Madrasah founded in the early 1600’s.

As you look around this old re-discovered part of Mostar, it still has the same look and feel that it did many years ago. The buildings have been refurbished, yet the old-time charm still exists.There have been many changes over the years, but great care has been taken to preserve the old-time charm. So while the song of birds  and the 1600's architecture may transport you to the past...the pesto, feta salad ,steaks,cevapcici and differet kind of pizza and pasta will bring your taste buds to the present.




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